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Auto Insurance – Will Getting Married Lower Your Rates?

Ah, marriage. The greatest day of your life (hopefully) is your wedding day. The preparations have been made and thus far everything seems to be expensive. The wedding ceremony, the reception after, the honeymoon, everything is costing you a lot of money. With any luck, you've been able to save for the event but remember that after the big day the prices continue to rise. The grocery bill goes up, you're buying for two now (at least). The water bill, electric bill, probably your credit card bill. Everything is on the rise with your newest addition, your partner. You thought that after getting married everything would be picture perfect, and it may be, except for your finances. But all hope is not lost, because there is one expense that may actually go down because you got married, your auto insurance premium.

That's right, auto insurance. A bit unexpected I am sure, but your new life adventure is looked at as a good thing with auto insurance companies. Being married, your life is suddenly more stable and safe because as a husband or wife you have a whole new set of responsibilities and not only your commitment to your spouse but your commitment to making life as good as possible for both of you. Especially for males, you'll find that you're driving more carefully with your wife in the car because you want to protect her from everything, including other drivers. This good driving habit can lead to a squeaky clean driving record which translates into savings on your policy. If you both had fully comprehensive coverage separately, for example, and now that you are married you want to combine coverage for easier paperwork, you can keep the same coverage and potentially save money on the price just for being married. Be careful when combining coverage however, because if one of you has had an accident or violation in the past, that infraction could mean a higher cost for both of you. In that case, it may be best to keep separate policies until the accident or violation has cleared from the driving record.

A lot of married couples like to completely start fresh and move into a new home or apartment. By doing so, if you're moving into a new zip code or new city alike, this could provide another discount for your auto insurance. By moving, you may be located closer to your job or even the grocery store, which equals less driven and a lower chance for an accident. Insurance companies take this consideration and may reward you with a lower rate. If you move significantly closer, you may qualify for a low mileage discount if your company offers it which would provide additional savings. If you're planning to have children soon, you may want to cut into the amount you're saving and considering raising your coverage levels to protect your new bundle of joy. Of course when it comes to protecting a new child or your spouse, the money does not matter, as long as everyone is safe.

Now that the vows have been replaced, the cake is gone, and you are left with the new (expensive) adventure that is married life, take comfort in knowing that at least one of your payments will not go up; your auto insurance payment.

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